What is the best grip to use when d …

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What is the best grip to use when deadlifting?

It depends let’s discuss the pro’s and cons of the three main deadlift grips:

Deadlift Grips There are 3 main deadlift grips.

 Double overhand Mixed grip Hook grip One of the more popular deadlift grips is the mixed grip one hand pronated and the …

Double overhand –

What is the best grip to use when deadlifting?
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Pro’s will not create muslcle imbalances like mixed grip.

Cons weakest deadlift grip, not great if you are training purely for strength.

Hook Grip

Pro’s arguably the strongest grip of the three.

Cons – can be very painful

tendency to rip up skin on thumbs

Mixed grip – this grip involves and over/under hand approach to grabbing the bar.

Pro’s there is rotational force coming from two opposing sides to help better secure the weight in your hands.

Cons – it can create muscular imbalances because from uneven muscle engagement as you are holding the weight differently from both sides.

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